What it takes to become a freelance Writer?

Many people believe that freelancing is a very easy way to earn money online. It is not until they enter the field to realize that it requires the same amount of effort, commitment and a lot of planning to reach your desired goal. In order to help you out in seeking your freelance goals and to become a successful freelance writer, there are various factors that you must consider.

  1. Freelance WriterSet a goal
    Firstly, you need to identify your goals to become a freelancer. You need to question yourself that why you want to enter this field. It is a very important and fundamental aspect to become a successful freelancer. If you cannot decide your goal, read my article on Why should you start freelancing.

  2. Find your niche or genre
    The next step is to explore your area of expertise. Every person has skills associated to a particular area. Like being a business graduate, I have skills related to marketing and research. Hence, you must find which area of expertise suits your caliber.
  3. Exploring Platforms
    Once you have identified your area of expertise, now you need to find a relevant platform to implement your expertise. There are various platforms from where you can start your writing career. I would recommend starting with a low profile on Freelancer.com, Upwork, or Fiverr. It would help you to analyze your position among other writers. You can start off with small projects, just to build your credibility.
  4. Make a captivating profile
    Being a newbie, it should be good enough to land a client. It is my personal experience that your credibility is much depicted from your profile. You should customize your profile according to your area of expertise. If you are an academic writer, you must show your expertise in writing, thesis, project reports and research papers.
  5. Expert Advice
    In order to polish your skills, you must learn from other writers. You need to follow them like you stalk someone. This is literally a working tip as you need to follow their patterns, their communities, blog, tweets etc. Anything that would give you some new information about your field. It is a great help in building your professional skills.
  6. Become active on social media
    Once you have started freelance writing, you need to promote yourself. It is essential not only to land more clients but also to ensure your existence in the freelancing valley. There are thousands of writer probably working in the same field, you must stand tall among them to be visible. Social media is the perfect way to enhance your freelancing career. However, it is not necessary that every social media platform would assist you in promoting your skills. You need to analyze which platform would be perfect for you.
  7. Join writing communities
    Once you become a freelance writer, it is essential for you to stay focused on the right path. For that matter, you should join various writing platforms, discussion groups, or any forums to equip yourself with latest skills. Follow experts on these platforms and read relevant articles on social media or expert blogs to enhance your scope of freelance writing.
  8. Keep yourself updated with new techniques and tricks
    It is very important to stay updated with latest tools and techniques to improve your writing skills. Thus, keep exploring the internet to find anything that would help you in polishing your writing.

2 thoughts on “What it takes to become a freelance Writer?

  1. Afaf,

    Very sound advice for starting freelance writing. I think, though, exploring platforms isn’t necessary. I had a profile on Upwork and Guru and it didn’t generate any income for me because I was pitching to jobs where other writers were wanting $10 for. So, my rate of a measly $25 never was accepted.

    It’s best to step out of those platforms, build your reputation and have clients come to you. You should also pitch to various Job boards where you’ll find much more lucrative writing opportunities!

    Great post though!


    • Thanks for your response Elna. I agree to you. But for those who have no writing background or information on freelancing can utilize these platforms to polish their skills before pursuing big clients.


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