5 Perks of being a Freelancing Mum

freelancerWhen I became a Mom to a beautiful baby girl, the first question that came to my mind was, “Should I continue with my freelance work?”

It was an essential question to consider since I was earning good enough to back my husband and bringing a new member to the family not only brings responsibility but additional expenses.

I wanted my child to be pampered with all the important accessories needed; from top brand clothing to expensive food intakes and especially the medical care. My husband and I were adamant to give our child all the necessary comforts without any compromise.

So what if I continue my freelance work and also look after my child who immensely need my attention, love, and care at such early age. I had to manage my timings; I had to adjust my work time with her so that she is not neglected at any cost.

Once I adjusted my routine, it was like a smooth ride. I was happy that I do not have to quit my passion i.e. Freelance writing and also stay with my kid all the time. While I enjoyed the company of my kid, I also enjoyed working and realized these perks of being a freelancing mom:

1. Time Management
Well, to be honest, I never was a good time manager. I always had to put things on hold or do whenever I had to. But after being a freelancing mom, I ended up being a great time manager. I almost made a standard schedule of my freelance work, household work and attending my baby. It felt so great as things were so organized and by the end of the day I was relaxed and free to enjoy my evenings with a sip of tea.

Yes, you won’t believe it until you do it yourself!

2. Financially Strong
Many moms would agree that being financially strong gives you your own       identity. No matter how good things are, your own earnings give you a               sense of freedom and also keep you mentally strong because you are also         making a significant contribution to your family without compromising on     their time.

3. Staying in my Pajamas
I am not really a “let’s dress up” kind of person and I like to stay as casual as     I want. This was the one thing I always hated about my first job and                   freelancing got me out of it.

Freelancing gives mom the freedom to stay in her Pajamas all day. You do not have to dress up well, put on makeup, make impressive gestures or             even think about how you look. You just have to enjoy earning for yourself       and also giving company to your kids.

I am sure every Mom would agree that being a Mum at home means being in Pajamas all time.

4. No Fear of Bad Nanny
Raising your own kids is the best thing for a Mom. I realized this when I saw my child grow up in front of me. It was great to see her little developments each day. I think would have missed many memories if I had been on some office job.

Freelancing allowed me to take care of my children myself and I never had the fear of bad nanny. Also, it saved me from Nanny Expense and all the hassle I had to face to find a perfect nanny which I doubt I would have found.

5. Self Esteem
Freelancing enables you to boost your self-esteem because you are doing so much more than just being a home based mom. Your kids and your husband feel pride in you which enhances your morale.

It feels so good when my husband proudly tells his colleagues about my work and they all response in appreciation.

So, would you like to become a FreelancingMum while staying at home with your kids?

One thought on “5 Perks of being a Freelancing Mum

  1. Great post! With my first child, I was like I became so motivated to make my freelance writing career happen! Now with my second, I am juggling family, life and writing and I am doing it and love it. Congrads to you too, like you I had my doubts, perhaps I should stop and just enjoy the year off. However, working from home means when they go to school, there is no need for early morning and afternoon school care, because I am working long hours in another job as well as vacation care during their school holidays. It’s looking at the bigger picture and knowing I am supporting my family doing what I love. That is pretty awesome!


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