8 Idiotic Myths about a Freelance Writer

freelance writerEvery time I tell someone that I am a freelance content writer, the kind of inconvenient expression I receive is incomprehensible. It is as if I have said something new or spoken an alien word.

I don’t know how people take a freelancing job in other parts of the world, but I was a little alarmed at people’s reactions. Furthermore, the chain of questions that follows my answer is extremely irritating as I have to justify my profession to even let it consider a profession.

There might be others like me, who would have faced such situations and came across various inappropriate questions that are solely based on myths about freelance writing.

  1. “This is not a serious Job”

Oh really? What is the definition of a serious job? I mean being punctual, meeting or exceeding deadlines, building client trust and creating long lasting relation without even being met once, just through your working skills is somehow not at all a serious job. Right?

2. “It is not long lasting”

Which other job is? I mean you never know when your company starts downsizing and kick you out of their office, despite your years of devotion to the company.

You cannot guarantee this for any job in the world, whereas, a freelance writer can always find a work.

3. “You need technical skills to be a Freelance Writer”

The only technical skill you need is to use a computer and internet. Otherwise, you just need to be able to write flawlessly in your own personal style which brings creativity in your work which is always welcomed by the clients.

4. “You cannot distribute time properly among your family and social life”

Are you kidding me? Freelancing is the best way to manage your life on your own terms. I mean which job allows you to work at your own comfortable time of the day and also stay connected to your family and friends, plan meet ups, go shopping whenever you can.

5. “I do not have the writing background”

So do I. I never knew that there’s a writer in me until I land my first client and successfully did the job.

You can only know your hidden talent once you give it a chance to come out.

There are many successful writers and bloggers out there that have never been into writing before. Once they started, they struck fortune.

6. “Will it go on my Resume?”

Of course, it will. I mean it is a great expertise and especially if you are doing both office job and freelancing as well. It shows your diverse skills and also makes an additional and impressive skill.

It is also a great way for home based women and Moms at home to start a career.

7. “It takes lot of time to earn well”

It is only true if you are not willing to give it your best. Some writers want to earn only a sum of money that is enough for their living while others strive hard to make as much money as they can.

It is just like any other regular job. The more you work hard the more return you will get.

8. “There is no future for a freelance writer”

Seriously? If you can check latest stats about freelancing, you will find that around 50 million Americans are doing freelancing followed by other countries like UK, Canada, Australia etc.

Even the third world countries are considering it as a serious profession and there is great opportunity for youngsters to make a living with freelancing.

So, these are a few myths listed down by me but I would like to know if you also faced any other myths on freelance writing? Please do share. Till then

Happy Freelancing 🙂

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