5 Basic Tools every Newbie Writer Must Use


After I started my freelancing career 3 years ago, I realized certain things that are important to boost your freelance writing career. One of them is consistency and other is punctuality. These two skills are the most basic and essential elements to become a successful freelance writer.

When you are a newbie, you are totally  unaware of the environment because you are new to the platforms, you do not know about pitching the clients, you have a rough profile. All these things make it difficult for you to kickstart your freelancing career. So what is the thing you need in such scenario? It is Consistency! You have to keep pulling it hard until you pass all the rejections and finally land your first client. I remember, when I first started bidding for projects, I used to have nothing in my portfolio except a few motivational words of dedication, punctuality, trustworthiness etc.

Similarly, once you are done with getting clients, you have to include the next thing in your skills basket and that is punctuality or meeting the deadlines. No matter how much it takes your energy and time, you have to please the client with punctuality. Trust me, in the start, this is your biggest weapon after your credible writing skills.

Anyways, I would like to tell newbie writers about certain tools that would help them in maintaining these two skills well and also to efficiently perform their tasks. I myself have been using these simple tools and feel very comfortable as they come handy in tight situations.

  1. Google Docs- You must have heard about Google docs or might have used them sometimes during your university projects. Well, this is one of the most comfortable tool Google has created for regular users. It has Word docs, Excel sheets and Powerpoint slides that can help you do your tasks anywhere you want.They are specially required when you want to access your work from anywhere or while you are away from your laptop/ computer.
  2. Bookmarks- Sometimes you find a really good site to get ideas from or you want to keep it safe for later references. All you have to do is bookmark that page link on your bookmark bar in your explorer. You can easily make folders for separate categories and save a particular site or link in that folder. It is simple, easy and really quick.
    Although there are certain tools that are serving this purpose but I don’t think you need so many complications in the start of your freelance writing career. You can check on them later once you are through to your writing career.
  3. Free images sites- It is essential that you include images in your article, blog post or any such writing sample to make it more presentable. Any writing piece that has some interesting or relevant images would attract more audience and also make it worth reading. A human mind captures an image faster than a plain writing.
    So what should you do to include images in your post? There are various free image hosting sites that let you download images related to the keywords you entered in your search. Try Pixabay, Photopin and IMfree for the start.
  4. Grammarly- No wonder you started writing because you have the charisma of bringing out good text. However, still if you want to work on your grammar or sentence structure, I would recommend using Grammarly. It is very easy to use and also very helpful in highlighting wrong grammar, spelling and sentence structure. Otherwise, there is an app Hemmingway that would also serve the same purpose.
  5. Topic Generator- It is very normal to get out of ideas for your blog post or article. Even professional writer face this issue for which there are various tools created to help you get out of this stuck situation. Hubspot is a very handy tool to get you ideas related to your keywords. You just need to enter few keywords related to the topic you want to write, and it will display many topic ideas to your rescue. It is a quick and easy way to generate topics of your choice.Do you have any other good tools in mind or that you use? Do share in comments.


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