Why is Blogging important for Small Business?



If you run a small business you must be apprehensive of the challenges in the digital marketing since you have to compete with giant competitors while remaining in your financial limitations. Where big firms can invest tons in marketing and advertising, you have to cope with your financial constraints to support you against market leaders.

Hence, spending more on marketing activities seems to be a risky decision. Blogging is one such internet marketing tactic that can come to your rescue while you are dealing with such situation. You must be wondering how can a bunch of blog posts help your business or why would you even think about getting a company blog? Well, here are some solid reasons given for you to consider blogging for your business.

Well, here are some solid reasons given for you to consider blogging for your business.

Develop Human Connection

Blogging helps you to connect with your aspirant customers as well as existing ones by developing a mode of communication. You can directly interact with your customers to address their problems through informative, entertaining and interesting blog posts. It is far better than forceful selling as you are actually trying to solve the problems of your consumer.

People usually search for answers to their queries regarding different products and services. Answering their queries through your blog posts would encourage them to build trust in you. They can get to know about different industry facts, trends and any unique information that would add value to their usage of your products and services.

Humans love to interact as it is their basic nature, hence when you interact with your customers through blog posts, they would develop a connection with you because you are actually serving their basic purpose.

Assist Search Engine Marketing Efforts

Blogging can help to boost your internet marketing efforts and retain your online presence. Since blog posts are generated frequently, it helps your website to be indexed by google search engine and increases its credibility in the eyes of the search crawlers. When you provide fresh and unique content, your website automatically ranks higher among search results giving you better SERP.

Once you are in the top search results, it would be easier for your target customers to visit your website thus increasing your website traffic organically.

Other than that, your SEO efforts will also pay off as you will be utilizing popular long tail keywords in your blog posts which would compliment your SEO strategies.

Strengthen Social Media Presence

People like to seek quality information and with the presence of social media, they tend to share it across their social networks. Thus, blogging can give you an opportunity to be shared with your target audience without any special effort.

Though you must be required to spend some marketing budget on your social media marketing, however, blogging is just another free tool that you can use to get social shares and develop a strong social presence.

When your blog post is shared among your target customers, it enhances your social outreach as you can get new customers through social shares.

(See my post on How to leverage your Blog Post for Social Media)

Another benefit of social sharing of blog posts is they drive traffic to your website and helps to keep it alive. It is a fact that having a website is mandatory nowadays for any kind of business, but efforts should be made to keep that website alive.

Hence, your social network followers tend to supply you authentic website traffic that would ultimately instigate your SEO efforts to be ranked on the top search page.

Content Diversity

Instead of providing plain text long paragraphed blog posts, you can incorporate videos, images or GIFs to influence customers towards your blog. Blogging is no doubt the best content strategy you can use to inspire your target audience. Take the example

Take the example of Birch Box, a startup that allows customers to take beauty products sample before purchasing it. The blog provides health and beauty tips as well as invite guest bloggers from reputed health and beauty companies to keep their content refreshing and enthusiastic.

As people love to hear different point of views, it is the best way to bring diversity to your blog content so the audience remains intact.

Establish Competitive Position

Blogging can help in establishing your competitive position against industry leaders. If you are frequently providing quality content for your target audience, there is no doubt they are not following you or buying your products.

Blogging enables you to stay competitive in the market without spending hefty amounts on your marketing efforts. It can help you stay ahead of your competitors and also rank better than them in search results. Similarly, it diversifies your social presence and you can get maximum exposure to your target audience on social networks through effective blog posts.

While you are investing some time and money in creating marketing strategies, try to give blogging a chance to boost your business performance. It is a slow and steady process but it is worth the effort.

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