Why Stay at Home Moms (SAHM) should become Work from Home Moms (WFHM)

Being a Mom is a full-time job. It requires loads of patience, extraterrestrial energy and the capability to remain sane at the end of the day. Moms pull their strings to the extra mile in order to transform those little munchkin infants into sensuous grown-ups. It’s an irony that this particular job has no formal recognition across the world and it comes with no pay scale.


Work from home: a good chance for Moms to make money

The concept of work from home has gained momentum in the past few years as giant conglomerates have consented in its favor. It is very invigorating for both employer and the employee to coordinate without incurring costs. Hence, now the stay at home moms get the opportunity to utilize their skills in the most beneficial way and make a living out of working from home.

A report by Global Workplace Analytics stated that work from home employees have grown to 115% in a decade. Many big companies like Amazon have started offering their employees the option to telecommute or work from home.

This trend is very encouraging for stay at home moms who left their careers for the sake of their household and children. Now they have the chance to explore diverse opportunities of working from their kitchen, lounge or bedroom. The proliferation of technology has been engraved in our homes. Everyone owns a cell phone whereas tablets, laptops, and computers are quite common in every household.

With the technology innovation, the world has turned into a global village. This transformation has paved new avenues for the talented and passionate moms to earn online without leaving the doorstep of their homes. All moms have the art of making their homes and bringing up their children, so they must possess some exquisite skills that they can turn into a money making quality.

Additionally, the rise in the use of social media has also motivated many mompreneurs for an online business to promote their skills among family and friends through social channels of Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

Women who want to telecommute can consider these social platforms their magic tool which they can use to excel in their respective careers working remotely.

There are many working women out there juggling their work and life balance, finding hardly any time for them and just looking forward to making ends meet.

Moms, whether working or a housewife; somehow share the same stories of their kids daily tantrums regardless of any demographic boundaries.

Every mom has a story to tell or something to say because she has been going through the same journey but in a very different way.

Why not take this opportunity to tell the story in your own creative way. You might run a blog that would start earning giving you a few extra bucks.

Blogging is the way out for SAHM

I have gone through many posts about parenting, motherhood, and child care; moms sharing their parenting disasters and the struggle they go through to manage everything without losing their sanity.

One thing that remains constant in all those experiences is the emotions of every mom. We, as moms share similar emotional experiences with our kids, no matter which part of the world we live in.

“When I began working as a freelance writer back in my country (Pakistan), it was a naïve concept. When my husband proudly told his colleagues that my wife works from home for companies in USA, UK, Canada and the Middle East, they were amazed by the idea. My husband got requests from them to ask me to guide their wives how to make income from home. It was quite amusing to get recognized and appreciated for your talent.”

I being a SAHM of a toddler and an infant and a freelance writer, always consider writing as my powerful tool to communicate my emotions.

It doesn’t matter what I am writing about, but one thing is for sure that writing gives me the freedom to console myself. It empowers me to tackle the hardships in my own creative way.

Whenever I write articles, blogs, website content or any other online content for my clients, it is such a rejuvenating experience. It gives me room to explore the world, find new information, and enhance my knowledge which just revives my rational thinking.

Whether I am feeling tired, down, frustrated, or out of mind, when I write I feel like shedding off my emotional burden. This is why I think that every mom should have a blog where she can wear off her emotions or take out her frustrations.

She has an open space where she can pour her heart out. Share her sorrows, her happiness, her fears, her dilemmas. Whatever that she experiences in her daily routine, she can write away.

Make money online as SAHM

On the contrary, she can find peace in expressing her creative skills to the world from the window of her laptop/ PC.

Many women put their contemporary skills such as baking, customization, arts, jewelry making, interior designing, fashion, or simply cooking on the map of the internet which has earned them a great response and enhanced their self-belief to pursue a dream career.

There are women who started blogging just for fun and somehow turned their blogs into generating income. Isn’t it fascinating?

The fact that your skills might be required somewhere afar; and you just need a laptop, internet and the ability to generate valuable content for them in return for a sophisticated income.

Wouldn’t it feel enthralling to make money while your little ones are still running around within your surveillance?

The satisfaction is surreal to stay home, make scrumptious dishes, and look after kids and all this while running a blog with your own personal space.

Even if blogging does not seem to be your cup of tea, there are innumerable options available where you can offer your particular services.

You can choose your niches such as parenting, motherhood, pregnancy, fashion, lifestyle, tech, education health, beauty and a lot more you can relate to.

Consequently, once you set foot into blogging, trust me you will open a new world of opportunities where blogging might be just the first step towards the road to success.

Years later when your little ones grow old, and you ponder back on your thoughts, you might laugh it off or just remember the good times you had with your babies while you were busy making some bucks out of your blog posts.

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