A Quick Guide to Getting Freelance Writing Clients as a Beginner

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Freelance writing has become a popular field of choice for people looking for methods to earn online. The rise of digital media specifically digital marketing has boosted the trend of freelance writing and has made it an optimum choice for many to consider it as a full-time job. Considering the scope and benefits associated with this field, people have left their 9-5 jobs to pursue freelance writing as their main source of income.

Getting into freelance writing is a critical decision especially when you have no experience or background in the field of writing. It is presumed that you have tested your skills to become a freelance writer based on which you are out in the field.

So what is the biggest question you face when starting as a freelance writer? How and where to find the clients?

Finding Freelance Writing Clients as a Beginner is a Real Struggle

Being a new entrant in the industry, you are unaware of the places to get clients. Even if you have already found a platform, you are wondering if anyone would consider you despite the fact that you have little to no background in freelancing.

Well, I can surely relate to your concerns and that is why I have decided to offer you the important tips to help you land clients as a beginner.

Work on your Portfolio

As a beginner, your portfolio is your biggest asset. Even if you are confident about your writing skills, you have to show it through your portfolio that you deserve the job. Your portfolio needs to represent your experience and background.

Now, what should you write in your portfolio?

This is also a great concern for new freelancers. A portfolio is a compact document containing all your academic qualification details, your professional experience, your skills set, your certificates, awards, achievements anything that you think can make you stand out. Even if you do something as a hobby such as reading, painting, or any volunteer work, you must include it.

You must showcase these things in a confident manner. If you ever got anything published somewhere; be it a simple poem, you must mention it under your achievements.

Tip: It is better to highlight some of your skills or achievements separately so you can instantly get the client attention.

Finding the right niche

It is one of the most important components of freelance writing. As a beginner, one cannot figure out which niche to choose since you have no background in writing. However, everybody knows their strong sides based on which they can deduce their preferred niche.

When I started freelancing, I started with academic writing because I was always good at academic reports, assignments, and essays. So I had the hint that I can work in this field. Later, when I turned to the digital marketing side, I again opted for specific niches like marketing, business management, health & fitness, lifestyle. However, I was not good in medical writing, or finance so I never opted to work with clients in those niches.

Tip: Always look for your interest in a niche and see if you can go along with it in the long run.

Where can I find freelance writing clients?

You must have heard about various platforms like Upwork, Fiverr offering freelancers a place to find clients. Although these are a good way to start off as a freelancer, one should not rely on these platforms alone in the long run.

These platforms do have a diverse set of clientele, but it comes with a lot of shortcomings. Since thousands of freelancers have saturated these offering their cheap rates for getting more clients, it is difficult to make your mark in this marketplace.

I’m not saying that you won’t have any luck in finding clients, you would find clients but you won’t have any growth in terms of increasing your rates. You’ll be stuck competing with low priced freelancers and wouldn’t be able to win any more projects just because you are asking for a little higher price than others.

so what should be done?

Job Boards

Instead of going the traditional way on freelancing platforms, try the job board sites. You can find genuine companies looking for talented writers like you to join them regardless of how much experience you have because your writing will speak for you. Hence, you can always pitch the clients on these:




Freelance Writing Jobs

Social Networking is the hidden treasure

Yes, you read it right. Social networking is a gem for freelance writers. It gives you the opportunity to go out and get yourself recognized by the potential clients.

Enhancing your social interactions on social media sites can be a fruitful way to grab clients. You need to be involved in healthy discussions, share your opinions on people’s posts, share insightful posts on your wall, and also network with relevant people.

LinkedIn is one of the most famous professional networks. Here, you can connect with people from relevant industries, other freelancers, digital marketers and potential clients as well. You just need to act smart to form a network that bears fruitful results.

Similarly, Facebook groups are another way to spread the word of mouth about your freelance writing services. Join different groups, like relevant pages and above all get involved in conversations.

Tip: Always stay active on the social networks no matter which one you are using. If you actively participate in conversations, only then you would get noticed by the clients.

Which social network can I choose?

There is no hard and fast rule, that one social site is better than the other. It all depends on how well you network in a particular place. I started off with Twitter in my early days of freelancing but later on, switched to LinkedIn where I landed a pool of potential clients.

It is a trial and error process to discover which social network is best for you to grab a client’s attention. Elna Cain, who is a successful blogger and freelance writer (my inspiration) has also written an article on how can one use Pinterest to get clients?

Create your Own Blog

Nowadays, blog creation is not a technical thing to do. Any person can instantly create its own blog with free services like WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, Squarespace and many more.

Blogging is a great way to boost your freelance writing skills as it helps you to brainstorm ideas and put them into writing the way you want. You can create and run a free blog on any kind of topic that you have confidence about.

Now you must be thinking there are so many well-known expert bloggers out there. How would my blog get me noticed? But the answer is your blog is your reflection of writing. When you write a blog post, it shows your creativity, knowledge level and how much you understand the art of writing.

So, instead of going into the ifs and buts just start your own blog.

Another benefit of blogging is it makes you an authority for useful information and build your credibility among clients. Any kind of information that you share in your blog post would become a resource for your clients to trust you.

Thus, sharing your blog posts across the social networks would certainly get you noticed somehow somewhere.

My freelancing career had been a bumpy road with lots of trials and errors. I’m still learning but I would like to share my experiences with the new freelance writers so they can get fewer hurdles on their path to establish a successful freelance writing career.


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